Let the Codewars, begin!


let findKata = codewarsJS.includes("")
return findKata
codewarsJS.forEach(kata => {

kata.addBinary(a,b) == Sums numbers in binary

kata.bmi(weight,height) == BMI Weight Class

kata.boolToWord(bool) == Return boolean as string

kata.countPsumN(input) == Counts the positives numbers and sums the negative numbers in an array

kata.countVowels(str) == Counts the number of vowels in a string

kata.filterNums(list) == Returns an array of only numbers from any given list

kata.findCapitals(word) == Returns an ordered list containing the indexes of all capital letters

kata.friend(friends) == Filter list by length of names

kata.getMiddle(string) == Returns the middle character of a string

kata.inverseNum(number) == Inverse the number from positive to negative, or vice versa

kata.mergeArrays(arr1, arr2) == Merge two arrays and sort them

kata.multiplesOf3or5(number) == Returns the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5

kata.reverseString(str) == Reverses a string

kata.squareSum(numbers) == Cubes all passed in numbers and returns sum

kata.strEnd(str, ending) == Compares ending of a string with a different string

kata.stringToArray(string) == Converts a string into an array of words

kata.sumMix(x) == Returns sum of array values as if all were numbers